Why Denovo?

Denovo is latin for “of new.”

We started Denovo Therapy because of our personal experiences with Depression and PTSD. When we experienced treatment for ourselves or our loved ones, we knew we had to offer it to others. We chose the name Denovo because of our experience and our hope that we can help others find relief. In biology the term “denovo” refers to the creation or synthesis of something new.

Our mission is to give each patient the chance at a new beginning.

What Sets Denovo Therapy Apart?

  • Denovo Therapy is Lubbock’s only dedicated Ketamine clinic.
  • Our clinic is patient-centric and focused on providing safe and effective care.
  • Each patient is given a private room and one-on-one monitoring while placed on a cardiac monitor.
  • Each patient is provided an opportunity to meet with our in-house therapist for post-treatment integration or ketamine psychotherapy at no additional charge.
  • Our staff has decades of medical experience.
  • Our medical and mental health screenings, and our safety protocols, medications and equipment meet the highest standard for patient safety.
  • We are honest with each patient. We offer an effective treatment but do not make unethical promises.
  • We encourage each patient to seek a holistic approach to their care.
  • We do not promote “proprietary” medications or blends. It is our belief that clinics that do are unethical.
  • We are working in the community to offer treatments to public servants/veterans. If you or a loved one are in one of these groups please contact us for discounted rates

Why does this matter?

“Deaths of Despair” from suicide, overdose, and alcoholic liver disease have risen so much that it has contributed to lowered life expectancy in the U.S. (Source). Worldwide, suicide is the second leading cause of death among 15-29 year olds (Source). 7.1% of the U.S. adult population suffers with Major Depression (Source) and 3.6% have PTSD (Source). Chronic Pain affects 20.4% of U.S. adults (Source). While these numbers may be bleak, each of us can do what we can in our corner of the world to make a net positive change. That is our mission.

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