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Why Denovo?

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About Denovo

Denovo Therapy is a collaborative and multidisciplinary mashup of a doctor’s office and a mental health clinic. Our mission is to innovate mental health in our region. We work at the intersection of medical, psychotherapy, and psychedelic care models. We opened in June of 2019 with  the mission of providing expert, safe, and ethical psychedelic therapy to West Texas. Since then, we have grown to add medical staff and therapists trained in psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy, specifically with ketamine. We currently provide many modalities of psychotherapy, intravenous ketamine, ketamine-assisted psychotherapy, and oxytocin-assisted therapy.

We trained with the Ketamine Training Center with Dr. Phillip Wolfson, a ketamine pioneer and author of The Ketamine Papers. We are members of Ketamine Psychotherapy Associates. We also trained in MDMA-assisted therapy from the Multidisciplinary Association of Psychedelic Studies. We are hopeful and excited to offer MDMA-assisted psychotherapy as soon as it is FDA-approved. We are experts and frontrunners in psychedelic therapy with combined decades of experience in non-ordinary consciousness experiences, with and without medicine assistance. We work with a non-profit, West Texas Mental Wellness, to expand access to all mental health care services for those in need. We work with local universities and are involved in research and publication efforts in order to expand the psychedelic therapy field. We also have community education initiatives to teach local psychotherapists, medical practitioners and students about the practices and challenges of psychedelic therapy.

We are serious and sincere about our expertise and ethics. Psychedelic therapy is a promising and potent care option for those who are suffering. However, it is not for everyone and requires a unique ethic, skilled delivery, and respect. Psychedelic therapy is a treatment, and like any other medical or mental health intervention, it is unethical to promise results, and results do vary based on the individual. We are proud to say there are not yet many clinics like Denovo Therapy around the country and we are honored to be in Lubbock with our friends and family. When you come to Denovo Therapy, we hope you can see and experience the skill, passion, and care we have for our patients and clients. 

Our mission is to give each patient the chance at a new beginning.

Denovo is latin for “of new.”

We started Denovo Therapy because of our personal experiences with Depression and PTSD. When we experienced treatment for ourselves or our loved ones, we knew we had to offer it to others. We chose the name Denovo because of our experience and our hope that we can help others find relief. In biology the term “denovo” refers to the creation or synthesis of something new.

What Sets Denovo Therapy Apart?

  • Denovo Therapy is Lubbock’s only dedicated Ketamine clinic.
  • Our clinic is patient-centric and focused on providing safe and effective care.
  • Each patient is given a private room and one-on-one monitoring while placed on a cardiac monitor.
  • Our staff has decades of medical experience.
  • Our medical and mental health screenings, and our safety protocols, medications and equipment meet the highest standard for patient safety.
  • We are honest with each patient. We offer an effective treatment but do not make unethical promises.
  • We encourage each patient to seek a holistic approach to their care.
  • We do not promote “proprietary” medications or blends. It is our belief that clinics that do are unethical.
  • We are working in the community to offer treatments to public servants/veterans. If you or a loved one are in one of these groups please contact us for discounted rates