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Publications and Media

Publications and Media

Case report: Medical student types journals during ketamine infusions for suicidal ideation, treatment-resistant depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, and generalized anxiety disorder.

Frontiers in Psychiatry

Willms, J., McCauley, B., Kerr, L., Presto, P., Arun, A., Shah, N., Irby, K., Strawn, M., & Kopel, J. (2022).

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Kaitlin Rebella of Osmind interviews our founder, Ben McCauley, as he discusses ketamine therapy as the next frontier for innovative mental health treatments in the Lubbock community.

Ketamine In The News

David E. Nichols, PhD, talks with Charles Raison, MD, about how ketamine works at the receptor level to produce powerful and rapid antidepressant effects.

Article About Ketamine

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