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Ketamine Treatment Process

Step 1. Schedule your free consultation. We will discuss treatment options, expectations, and check for medical risks.

Step 2. Visit with our staff about your symptoms. We will discuss intravenous ketamine, psychotherapy, and ketamine assisted psychotherapy. Together we will make a treatment plan for your care.

Step 3. Schedule your IV infusion or psychotherapy sessions.

On the day of your infusion have a friend or family member prepared to drive you to and from the clinic. Dress comfortably. Licensed Denovo staff will prepare your infusion and start an IV. The environment is designed to give patients a good experience and to keep them safe. You will be in a comfortable chair with one-on-one observation by our staff. You will be placed on a cardiac monitor and blood oxygen concentration monitor.

Part of the experience of ketamine is its dissociative qualities. Most patients have a peaceful experience. They find that music is soothing. During the experience patients often make new associations with their relationships, feelings and or experiences, memories and pain. Some of these occur in the days after the treatment. Your time during the infusion is important and protected in a private room. Our trained staff will be with you through out the experience. Reactions are rare, but if at any point you feel distress we can stop the infusion. We have supplemental oxygen, anti-anxiety, nausea and vomiting medications on hand if needed. After your infusion you will have as much time as you need to return to your normal before returning home.

Many of the aspects of the ketamine assisted psychotherapy experience are similar to the infusion experience. You will have a chance to meet the psychotherapist at the intake. You need to have someone able to drive you to and from the appointment. You want to be comfortable.

On your appointment day we will check your vital signs. A licensed Denovo staff give an intramuscular injection to start the therapy session.

You will have a therapy session with a trained therapist who specializes in ketamine assisted psychotherapy. Each session with ketamine may be different. A session may be very engaging or very relaxing or both. You may be able to revisit traumatic events, memories, or fears. You may also sit quetly and experience a meditative like state. No one ketamine session is exactly like the other. With experience and the therapist to guide you, you may be able to drive the experience to certain issues you are working on. The therapist will be in the room with you, and a medical professional will be on the premises at all times.

It is important to note you are able to establish as a new patient with our therapist. But you are also able to continue to see our own therapist. We will work with your established therapist as a care team. Your therapist will continue to be primary and Denovo will act as a consulted specialist to provide the ketamine assisted psychotherapy to accomplish a therapeutic goal.

Your time after your treatment is an opportunity to care for yourself. You want to keep the day clear of demands and be able to listen and respond to your needs. Most patients find this time to be pleasant, but sometimes it can take time to process your experience. If you have had an I.V., We recommend your meet with your therapist in 24-48 hours. This is a good opportunity to utilize the neuroplasticity induced by the medicine, and to process your experience.

Ketamine is more effective if 6 infusions are given over a 3 week period. Denovo staff are available to support you in the days and weeks after your treatments. As an established patient, you can return any time for a booster treatment.

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